Wednesday, March 23, 2011

2nd Airborne squad (WIP)

Here is my second Airborne squad all primed up and ready to go. Added a Bazooka to this and some Bars. As you can see I use a white undercoat when using Army Painter. I also ordered some decals from Company B that I'm pretty excited to see how they add to the miniatures.
Miniature Company-Artizan Miniatures


  1. Nice squad but are those transfers the ones they put on the arm, the 101st and the 82nd arm patch, would like to see those.

  2. I have used Company B decals for the Airborne, the go on very nicely so do the grade stripes. I have found the helmet decals to be over sized especially for the Germans.

  3. I have to admit the Artizan Paras are growing on me.

    Was there much to clean up with the casting?

    I have the Bolt Action US Paras. The sculpting is fantastic as is most of the casting.

    Some of the Bolt Action Paras (.30 Cal MG Loader) have a lot of cleaning up to do on certain parts of the model :P

    Don't get me wrong the models are fantastic but the Artizan look just as nice. Especially with a nice paint job :)

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep Blogging!



  4. @Angry

    Yes, I purchased the decals for arm and helmet patches. Hopefully they will arrive before I'm finished with this squad.

    I hope the airborne helmet patches are not to big as that would be a shame.

    @Allan and Carmen
    I've personally had very little flash on my Artizan miniatures and found cleaning them to be quite quick and so just another reason I give them top marks.


  5. Will look forward Chris in seeing these completed.


  6. Oh I am really looking forward to this regiment! Anyway, I prefer BAM too, but that is just a matter of taste! However, I am not keen on using BARs in Airborne squads as I thought they were never equiped with them.


  7. Well, if the first squad is any indication, I am very much looking forward to these. Nice squad indeed.



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