Sunday, March 27, 2011

2nd Airborne squad AP added (WIP)

Base colours are blocked in and Army Painter has been applied. Next up is adding the highlights and matt coat to turn this shiny brown/green rabble into something like a proper fighting force. If your curious the letters on some of the bases is to remind me which shade of brown I used on the pants as sometimes it's hard to tell after AP is added.
Miniature Company-Artizan Miniatures


  1. Looking good. Can't wiat to see them finished.

  2. Any more WIPs to share? I'm very curious about your painting technique. I'm particularly fond of the Viking archers featured on Moiterei's blog:


    1. Hi thanks for your interest. I painted my Viking army using mostly Foundry paints and the 3 tone system on a black undercoat using black lining to give a "pop" to the colours. The army will be getting a re-vamp pretty soon and put on circular bases for SAGA and placed on sabot base trays when playing Impetus. I'll repost them as I go along.

      As to WIP's I don't do those that often as I like posting finished results. However, I may do a few in the future.


    2. Thanks for the reply. I look forward to seeing more.



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